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Selected Discography

Please note that you can hear many selections from these albums in the Cornucopia Recordings 'Listen' area.

Earth Songs, Jon Lloyd Quartet, 2023 (UBU0162)

Many Moons, John Law’s Re-Creations, featuring Sam Crockatt, Henrik Jensen, Alex Goodyear, 2023 (33JAZZ296)

Live at Malmesbury Abbey, John Law’s Renaissance, featuring Jon Lloyd, 2022 (33JAZZ289)

CONFIGURATION, John Law’s Congregation featuring James Mainwaring, Ashley John Long, Billy Weir, 2020 (UBU0036)

Re-Creations Volume 3, John Law Quartet featuring Sam Crockatt, James Agg, Billy Weir, 2019 (33JAZZ279)

Re-Creations Volume 2, John Law solo piano, 2019 (33JAZZ278)

Re-Creations Volume 1, John Law Quartet featuring Sam Crockatt, James Agg, Billy Weir, 2017 (33JAZZ267)

These Skies In Which We Rust, John Law's New Congregation: John Law, Josh Arcoleo, Yuri Goloubev, Laurie Lowe, 2014 (33Xtreme 006)

Goldberg, J. S. Bach, The "Goldberg" Variations, 2014 (33Xtreme 005)

Boink!, John Law's electronic project, featuring Jon Lloyd, Rob Palmer and Laurie Lowe, 2013 (Cornucopia CRCD07)

Vanishing Points, Jon Lloyd Group, 2013 (33Xtreme 002)

Three Leaps of the Gazelle, John Law, Yuri Goloubev, Asaf Sirkis, 2012 (33 Records 33JAZZ228)

This Is, John Law, Mark Pringle, 2011 (33 Records 33JAZZ219)

The Journey Home, Nick Sorensen, John Law, 2010 (ISCD1)

Congregation - The Art of Sound, Volume 4, John Law, Sam Burgess, Asaf Sirkis, 2009 (33 Records 33JAZZ193)

Chorale - The Art of Sound, Volume 3, John Law solo piano, 2008 (33 Records 33JAZZ180)

The Ghost in the Oak - The Art of Sound, Volume 2, John Law solo piano, 2008 (33 Records 33JAZZ176)

The Art of Sound, Volume 1, John Law/Sam Burgess/Asaf Sirkis Trio, 2007 (33 Records 33JAZZ155)

Mimesis  10 Choreographies for Soprano Saxophone and Piano, Jon Lloyd/John Law, 2006 (ASC CD85)

Out Of The Darkness, John Law/Cornucopia Ensemble featuring Andy Sheppard, 2006 (Slam CD264)

Monk ’n’ Junk, John Law Trio/Quartet, featuring Julian Siegel, 2005 (ASC CD81)

Solitudes, Volume one, John Law, solo piano, 2001 (Cornucopia CRCD05)

The Moment, John Law Quartet featuring Tim Garland, 2001 (Cornucopia CRCD06)

Abacus, John Law with Lloyd, Wells, Hemingway, 2001 (HatHut, Switzerland, hatOLOGY 567)

Thanatos, John Law, solo piano, 2000 (Cornucopia CRCD04)

Strange Stories, John Law Trio, 2000 (Cornucopia CRCD03)

Songs Without Words, John Law Trio, 1998 (EOS CD12)

Chants, (4-CD set) John Law, solo piano, 1998 (Cornucopia CRCDS01)

The Hours, John Law, solo piano, 1997 (FMR CD40)

By Confusion, Jon Lloyd Quartet, 1997 (HatHut CD6198)

Extremely Quartet, Law/Dunmall/Guy/Moholo, 1997 (HatHut CD6199)

The Onliest - Pictures From a Monk Exhibition, John Law Trio, 1996 (FMR CD38)

Giant Leaves (Autumn Steps), John Law Trio, 1996 (FMR CD32)

Pentecost, John Law, solo piano, 1996 (FMR CD027)

The Boat is Sinking, Apartheid is Sinking, John Law/Louis Moholo, 1994 (Imp CD19322)

Talitha Cumi, John Law, solo piano, 1994 (FMR CD06)

Head, Jon Lloyd Quartet, 1993 (Leo CDLR 186)

Exploded on Impact, John Law Quartet, 1993 (SLAM CD204)

Syzygy, Jon Lloyd Quartet, 1992 (Leo CDLR173)

Trio Improvisations, Atlas, 1989 (Cornucopia CRCD01)