British pianist John Law played London's Vortex in early November, with bassist Sam Burgess and drummer Asaf Sirkis completing a brilliant new trio. Law can hush a busy room with barely-audible meditations, or electrify it with a headlong percussiveness - and on this gig, he and his attentive partners did both. Slow unaccompanied pieces built on gently-lapping chords over hypnotically-tapped single notes turned to bumpily Monkish melodies over repeating vamps and soft malletwork, snakily arhythmic basslines and abstract drum-rattles ushered in Law's elliptical originals. As if demonstrating the group's empathy with the room, Sirkis eventually began playing patterns on the roof-pillar next to his kit. It's a band heading for great things!

John Fordham, Jazz UK 2007